Learner-Defined Glossary

When students participate in a course by researching ideas and defining them in a common glossary, their audience expands from one person (the teacher) to a larger community (their peers).

This is one of the modules that best illustrates the way that Moodle can fundamentally improve upon the experience of a traditional classroom. When students contribute to a course in a public place like the glossary, their ideas are given weight and attention and often result in a greater pride or ownership of the assignment.

  • Glossary items can be grouped in categories.
  • Participants can comment on glossary entries.
  • Entries can be rated using teacher-defined scales.
  • Glossaries can be easily exported and imported via xml.
  • Student entries can be previewed by instructors before publishing.
  • Glossaries can be fully searched.
  • Glossaries can be viewed with different display formats.
  • Обзор глоссария по алфавиту

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