Safety precautions

1. Safety precautions

  • You must wear goggles to protect your eyes.
  • Gas cylinders should be used in a vertical position.
  • Your clothes should not be oily or greasy. Oxygen can combine with oil or grease to cause an explosion.
  • You should wear long sleeves so that you do not burn your arms.
  • You should wear thick shoes so that you will not burn your feet.
  • You should wear gloves so that the spark will not burn your hands.
  • Allow the sparks to fall into a metal container so that they don’t burn the floor. There must be fire extinguishers in the workshop so that any fires can be extinguished immediately.
  • After welding, turn off all valves so that no gases can escape.
  • A face mask must be used or your face and eyes will not be protected.
  • The workshop floor should be dry and clean so that it cannot conduct electricity.
  • The floor should be made of concrete so that it cannot be burnt.
  • Your clothes should be dry and clean so that they cannot conduct electricity.
  • Overalls with long sleeves should be worn.
  • Thick shoes should be worn to protect your feet.
  • Welding gloves should be worn so that your hands are protected from sparks.   Allow the spark to fall into a metal container so that they do not burn the floor.
  • CO fire extinguishers should be provided in the workshop so that any electrical fires can be immediately extinguished.
  • After welding, all switches must be turned off to prevent accidents.

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